Sunday, June 26 at 8:30pm | Rackham Stage

In the hands of Ypsilanti-based music collective Hullabloo, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and a swinging horn section are transformed into original punky ska rock. Known for their feelgood sound, solid musicianship, and danceable songs, to watch Hullabaloo is to experience an upbeat, semi-chaotic showcase of musical expression. With an almost Mothers of Invention-like approach, the band variously contains anywhere from six to nine members. Whether stripped down or stacked up, you can be sure that Hullabaloo’s live performance is a sonic joyride at once both catchy and weirdly experimental, sure to delight and entertain audiences at A2SF this summer.

This event is free and takes place at Top of the Park located at 915 E. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Get directions and parking details here.

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