Kooky Kreatures

Looking for a fun way to express yourself? Kooky Kreatures is just for you! Use the Kooky Kreatures template to draw a head, body, or feet. Then, submit your portion of a Kreature, and we’ll pair your piece with other participants to build a unique Kooky Kreature. We’ll publish the drawings for all to download and color. Are you ready to get Kooky?


If you’re ready to get Kooky, use the Kooky Kreatures guide to start your drawing. Please make sure your drawing is uncolored and is drawn with a black marker or pen on white paper (digital submissions are welcome as well).

When you’re finished, take a photograph of your your head, body, or legs and email it to kookykreatures@a2sf.org.

The best way to send your drawing is to scan it. If you do not have a scanner, you can submit a photo. Alternatively, there are many options to scan using a smartphone. Here are some helpful resources.

Looking for an AADL BUMMER GAME Code? Well, you found it: Enter KREATUREFEATURE at PLAY.AADL.ORG to earn the KREATURES OF SUMMER FESTIVAL badge!

Kooky Kreatures Guide

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