Saturday, June 29 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

A night of the latest from Detroit continues with original soul, 70’s and 80’s revival, chillwave, and nu-disco. Vespre is written, produced, and performed by Detroit artist Kaylan Waterman. Translating as “late evening” or “Evensong,” her music is meant to represent the moments that stand between the day and the night. Moving you with synths, samples, and floating vocals, hear influences of Sade and Annie Lennox, as well as modern electronica. Moving into new territory since her turn as the folk singer at the front of The Normandies, Vespre is at once a musical exploration of the ethereal and an examination of the artist’s roots. “Waterman is an unstoppable creative force with bold character. Ethereal synth tones and R&B grooves cradle the listener and whisk them away to a lush soundscape of Waterman’s invention.” (Metro Times)

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