Theater in Quarantine

June 21 @ 7 & 9PM

Virtuosic… some of the new medium’s most imaginative work.

Jesse Green, New York Times


Tune in for a mind-blowing exploration of the live theatrical experience in the digital space from one of the most creative artistic endeavors to emerge from the pandemic. Stuck in his East Village apartment, Joshua William Gelb discovered his closet to be a unique and creative performance space. Called “Virtuosic” by Jesse Green in the New York Times, who wrote, “The closet has produced some of the new medium’s most imaginative work.”

Theater in Quarantine (TiQ) is a performance laboratory dedicated to the exploration of the live theatrical experience in the digital space. Developed  by Founder/Co-Creative Director Gelb and Co-Creative Director Katie Rose McLaughlin, TiQ has created and live streamed over 25 new, original works of performance. TiQ has worked with an array of remote collaborators (including Raja Feather Kelly, Heather Christian, Karen Olivo, and Underground Railroad Game’s Scott R. Sheppard); and partnered with The Invisible Dog, LaMaMa Experimental Theater Club, CultureHub and Theater Mitu.

In their first year, TiQ has been established as one of the most consistent makers of digital performance, having been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vulture, on NPR’s All Things Considered; and reached audiences across the globe. Helen Shaw in Vulture wrote that the closet “makes confinement a virtue, a prompt to imagination.”

A2SF is thrilled to commission a new piece in which TiQ will partner with a local Michigan music artist who will perform live from the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) while TiQ performs simultaneously over a live stream from New York City.

TiQ’s full archive can be found and streamed anytime on their YouTube channel at



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