The Gasoline Gypsies

Thursday, June 14 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

A seafoam Stratocaster, a Ludwig Centennial kit, Fender Deluxe Reverb amps, and pedals crowded together into what they reverently call “the mothership” — these are the component parts of Detroit’s hottest rock’n’roll outfit. Harnessing rollicking, genre-transcending songs full of three part harmonies and driving guitar and bass riffs, this is true grit, high-energy rock played by four guys who love the craft. Players Caleb Malooley (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Neal Love (guitar, organ, vocals), Steve Briere (vocals, bass, guitar), and Joe Makowski (percussion) unleash all the we love about rock and roll. Joining legendary Detroit sounds like The Rockets, The White Stripes, and MC5, and dressing up a Southern Rock by way of Jimmy Page aesthetic, their songs are powerful and intense, yet easy to grasp. First joining up in Port Huron, their first EP Killin’ Time came out in July 2017, not long after they were deemed one of the “Three ​Best Unsigned Bands in the USA” by JBL, and right before they became Grand Prize Winners of the Michigan State Fair Superstar contest. Look for the next Gypsies EP, produced by Chuck Alkazian and Nadir Omowale at the legendary Pearl Sound Studios, part of the Superstar Contest package, out soon, and be sure to come out for what’s going to be unforgettable night of rock’n’roll at TOP.

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