The Dustbowl Revival

Wednesday, June 27 @ 8pm
Rackham Stage

Tonight’s headliners are the joyous, downhome Dustbowl Revival from Los Angeles. They were voted the best live band by the L.A. Weekly, who declared this Billboard-charting group  “hot, spontaneous, engaging and, best of all, a pleasure to hear.” It’s a bright, swaggering 8-piece led by U-M film grad Zach Lupetin and soul singer Liz Beebe and a wonderful, danceable Americana roots fusion that sits just slightly over the top with its expert musicianship. Gaining steam for the past eleven years by bringing lively dance parties to halls, saloons, jamborees, and bluegrass festivals, they’ll meet you where Preservation Jazz Hall intersects Grand Ole Opry, where a polished, passionate cover of Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” rolls into sweet bluegrass and jazz mandolin on fire, and amaze you as they meld the modern into old forms. Their latest eponymous release, exploring more gospel, funk, and soul, was produced by Grammy-winning producer Ted Hutt (Old Crow Medicine Show, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys) and hit no. 1 on Amazon Americana-Alt-Country and no. 2 on Amazon Folk. Plucking a mandolin like a hip-hop inspired piano, surprising with an upright bass and a fiddle layered through wah-pedals, all while having a blast clapping along to songs about preachers, drinkers, and holy rollers, this standout on the national scene will have you smiling as they hand you your new summer soundtrack.

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