The Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective – Tiny TOPs

June 30-July 1

An intergenerational group of musicians (currently 35-85 years young) playing all styles and genres of music and encompassing all levels of ability. Some of the musicians in the collective have been playing professionally for a lifetime and some in the collective are only a few years into their musical odyssey.

Love, community, enjoyment, and laughter are the heart and soul of the collective’s endeavor—furthering the imagination of the collective possibilities and wonderment.

Those more experienced in their musical understanding support those in the collective more recently tuning into their craft. Among the instruments in the collective are vocals, guitar, flute, bass, mandolin, mandola, accordion, drums, keyboards, harmonica, and soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukulele. Drop a brain bomb. Fire up the synapses. Rewire some neurons and strum into cognition.

About Tiny TOPs: Reserve a private performance on your front lawn or share the gift of music with someone you love. Select a musician from the lineup and choose a time for that artist to play at an outdoor location of your choice. Musicians will play a 20-minute set outdoors in front of your residence, and you don’t have to worry about downtown parking.

Tiny TOPs is modeled after Sidewalk Serenades, a program created in March 2020 by Creative Alliance in Baltimore.



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