The Black Opera

Tuesday, June 19 @ 8:30pm
Rackham Stage

The Black Opera is rap’s first ever performance art group. The visionary hip hop artists behind this revolutionary wake up call come to Top of the Park for a unique multi-sensory experience fusing traditional art, video installation, and deft political commentary into a funky hip-hop mix. The group’s primary vocalists Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford momentarily put successful solo careers on the backburner for the sake of making the following statement: Art is all that matters. Based out of Los Angeles and Detroit, The Black Opera thrives on an egoless approach for their selfless cause, they lose themselves in a different character’s costume per song during their live presentations. Their fifth album, African America, is The Black Opera’s most transparent release, displaying their raw emotions surrounding the black American experience from coping with police brutality, to being desensitized by social media, to black mental health. Vibe Magazine said: “The project reminds us of just how illmatic hip hop is as well as the creative energy that black folks possess.” And ABC News proclaimed:African America as an album is meant as a wake-up call. Given the stories of injustice that often pepper the news and divisiveness of this past presidential election with issues of both racism and sexism, this may be the kind of record we need. Like it or not, this is the soundtrack to a brewing revolution.” Championed for their honesty, unapologetic poignancy, and artistry by hip hop legends like MC Tajai Massey, Queen Latifah, and Snoop Dogg who selected their video “Villains” as #1 on his video countdown show “Underground Heat,” this is a testament to the power of urban outcry. With a touring history that includes small rap clubs in Detroit, large festivals, and showcases at MOCAD, this is a standout event on the season. For mature audiences.

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