The Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club

Thursday, June 20 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

New Orleans and early jazz stylists Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club count among their interests “The Cottonmouth Kings, Po Boys, bourbon, and clapping on 2 and 4.” While they may be playful, this is a well studied and solid acoustic ensemble from Ferndale. Providing hot horn lines, gritty guitar, and the joyful, festive spirit of New Orleans, fans of traditional Hot Club and NOLA jazz will be clapping along with them. Club members include Joshua James on sax and vocals, Erik McIntyre on guitar, Dave Vessella on trumpet, Jorian Olk-szost on bass, and Zollie Schute on percussion.

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Also swing by to check out the swing dancing lessons from 8:00-8:15!

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