The Annex: Mary Mattingly

Thursday, June 27 @ 7pm
The Annex

Objects in the Round
From June 27 to June 30, join artist Mary Mattingly as she leads festivalgoers in a three-day, large-scale public arts co-creation of Objects in the Round. Bring an object to the Annex and participate in the creation of an expansive landscape in miniature, and combine it with storytelling about each object. After three days of assembling, Mattingly will deconstruct the installation.

Objects in the Round presented in partnership with University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), where Mattingly’s photography is being featured in The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, running through July 27 at the Taubman Gallery.

Prior to deconstruction on Sunday, June 30, join Mattingly from 3-4:30pm at UMMA for In Conversation: Life and Afterlife of Objects along with Jennifer Friess, UMMA Assistant Curator of Photography, and Amanda Krugliak, Arts Curator at the U-M Institute for the Humanities for a look in the gallery followed by a discussion of this complex terrain. Space is limited, please register here to attend.

We encourage all ages, especially youth and teens, to join in the process and discussion.

Mary Mattingly is an artist concerned with our relationships to objects, where they come from, where they return to, and the implications for humans and the environment. Mattingly asks us to consider how our consumerist society enacts and re-enacts histories of exploitation and colonialism as she diligently maps the complex supply chains from mine to war machine, household items, iPhones, and more. Mattingly’s photograph Life of Objects is one of forty-five objects on view in UMMA’s presentation of the exhibition The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, which explores the impacts of human activity on our planet. As accessible as it is provocative, it sparks discussions about what we accumulate and what endures.

A Long Table Discussion, that examines artists and arts organizations challenges creating and presenting work exploring the environment and sustainability takes place June 27 at 5:30 pm just before the commencement of Mattingly’s work.

Mattingly’s residency is presented with generous support from Toyota as part of our Festival Footprint Initiative programming.

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