The Annex: Long Table Discussion – Art / Environment / Sustainability

Thursday, June 27 @ 5:30pm
The Annex

Ann Arbor Summer Festival and UMMA welcome artist Mary Mattingly to Ann Arbor for a three day residency, June 27 – June 30. Mattingly, whose photograph, Life of Objects, is featured in UMMA’s exhibition The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, and is deeply concerned with our relationships to objects—where they come from, where they go, their implications for humans, and their impact on the environment.

To kick off her residency, Mattingly will be joined by thought leaders from the U-M and beyond including, UMMA curator Jennifer Friess, arts curator of the U-M Institute for the Humanities Amanda Krugliak, Detroit-based interdisciplinary artist Sacramento Knoxx, independent film director and producer Diane Cheklich, co-director of The Aadizookaan Christy Bieber, Dan Brown from the Huron River Watershed Council, and A2SF’s James Carter for a discussion about the possibilities and challenges for artists and arts organizations creating and presenting artwork that explores sustainability and the environment.

The Long Table format was born from the director and scholar Lois Weaver’s exercise around participation and public engagement. The aim is to foster civic-minded discussions about ideas and questions surrounding the city’s creative culture. It’s a dinner table atmosphere encouraging participants to ask questions, make statements, leave comments, or openly sit, listen, and watch.

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