The Annex: Illuminatus Lasers

Friday, July 5 @ 5pm
The Annex

DIY Laser Lightshow: How are these Laser Lumia patterns created? We’ll share the magic with you at a DIY hands-on workshop led by Mike Gould and the Illuminatus Lasers team. Amazing what you can do with a plastic disk, a few special ingredients, and an everyday laser pointer. They’re not just for cats anymore! You too can become a laser artist. We’ll be sure to stress the basics of laser pointer safely.

Dancing with Lasers is a Mike Gould, Illuminatus Lasers interactive laser art experience. Young and old alike will enjoy seeing a multi-colored laser outline of their bodies projected on a screen. Dance, and the laser dances with you! Dance with your best friend, your dad, or show off your solo creative moves. The laser operator may decide to create mirror images of you dancing with yourself. Give yourself a high-five! See what creative patterns you can create with your movement when the operator transports you into several dimensions!

LunchBoxing With Lasers: Laser lumia will create the background for everyone’s artistic dance expressions. Participants will interact with the six lasers using safe and easy controls built into fun lunchboxen. You can adjust the brightness and the speed of the swirling projections of pure red, blue and green. Whether you are two or 102, you are welcome to take a seat and have fun!

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