Shake Steady

Friday, June 28 @ 8:30pm
Rackham Stage

Serving up rousing deep funk from Detroit, the Shake Steady breathe life into the rhythms and textures of classic funk and psychedelic soul. The next evolution of TOP favorites and Motown mavericks Third Coast Kings, the Shake Steady continues their joyous, danceable live tradition with Alec Cooper on saxes, Ryan Dolan on trumpet, Andy Filisko on guitar, Shana Byas on drums, Sean Ike on vocals and noisemakers, and Steve Barker on bass and keys. It’s a joyful, good time dance party moving through Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Funkadelic, Parliament and Curtis Mayfield, Roy Hargrove, Chic, ZAPP/Roger Troutman, and the Clash’s “Radio Clash.” That’s right, the Shake Steady is ready to serve you, now!

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