Sean Dobbins Trio

Friday, July 5 @ 6pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

An evening of Southeastern Michigan’s finest jazz continues with jazz drummer Sean Dobbins leading a trio with Corey Kendrick on piano and Rob Bickley on bass. The group will play songs from The Trio Files, which is a combination of jazz, blues, spirituals, and gospel music. Featuring hard-driving, solid rhythm with a refreshing melodic sensibility, the playful Dobbins leads facile arrangements that celebrate many of the great jazz pianists and composers, such as Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson. Dobbins and Bickley are notably alums of the Ann Arbor schools and have returned to contribute to their jazz programs for many years. Dobbins is now a music professor at Wayne State University. Many will recognize him from Urban Transport and his contributions to the Mack Avenue Records Detroit Music Factory imprint.


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