Wednesday, June 20 @ 8:30pm
Rackham Stage

This is music you’d find at a modern art museum. Complex forms, ethereal operatic vocals, and short frenetic glitchy jazz sounds become multi-hued, overlayed textures that feel “primal and futuristic at the same time” (Current). As experimental as it is serious, the saajtak live experience is immersive and highly regarded. Born from a quartet of U-M music school alums, including vocalist Alex Koi, electronic artist Simon Alexander-Adams, drummer Jon Taylor, and bassist Ben Willis, they are a unique project on the SE Michigan scene, marrying their classical training to avant garde artistry. Recent shows at U-M School of Music, Theater, and Dance in January and MOCAD in 2017 featured real-time audioreactive video actualizing synthesia. “When combined, the atmosphere is nothing short of explosively haunting — a miasma of emotive force and unpredictable compositions” (Metro Times).

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