Royal Garden Trio

Tuesday, June 12 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

The Royal Garden Trio plays traditional hot jazz with non-traditional instrumentation, drawing inspiration from ’30s Midwest bands and Gypsy-style swing. The result is a trio that is fresh, elegant, sophisticated and a whole lot of fun. Clarinetist and rhythm guitarist Tom Bogardus, the arranger for the group, recently retired from 30 years teaching music in the public schools near Flint. Cellist Mike Karoub, originally from Dearborn, is an orchestral and chamber music specialist who loves playing jazz arrangements for cello and bass. Jazz guitarist Brian Delaney is a longtime Ann Arbor Westsider and beloved presence on the local scene, finding inspiration from the likes of guitar pioneers Eddie Lang, Carl Kress, George Van Eps, Oscar Moore, George Barnes, and other musicians from the dawn of jazz guitar. This will be a perfect summertime treat.

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