Rebecca Rosen

Friday, June 29 @ 5pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

The O&W Acoustic Stage welcomes Rebecca HH Rosen, a singer-songwriter with a background in classical music and free improvisation. Since 2014, she has been touring the country with groups ranging from attic-folk to neo-soul. She’s now finding her own voice with minimalist strings and strong vocal melodies to support deep yet piercing lyrics. Her words are inspired by a decade-long relationship with yoga, mindfulness and meditation, alongside sounds inspired by Regina Spektor, Ella Fitzgerald and yMusic. From personal experience and playful imagination, this set will include songs for love, for nature and for the child in us all. Before her Top of the Park performance, you can catch Rebecca performing at the Third Place Concert Series at the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor on June 15. Keep an eye out this fall for her solo project, “Sound Souvenir”.
For a look at her earlier work, visit her Soundcloud or see music from The Tusks Band on Bandcamp. You can follow upcoming tour dates, impromptu concerts and connect with her directly on Facebook.

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