Polyglot Theatre’s Ants

Tuesday, June 26 @ 7pm
Top of the Park

Tuesday, June 26 at 4:30 PM
Tuesday, June 26 at 5:45 PM
Tuesday, June 26 at 7 PM
Thursday, June 28 at 4:30 PM
Thursday, June 28 at 5:45 PM
Thursday, June 28 at 7 PM

June 27: Special, daytime pop-up performance. Times and location to be announced

Ants is an interactive roving performance which has giant ants bringing children together in a gentle and intriguing landscaping project. Faced with hundreds of giant bread crumbs and three big insects, children are irresistibly drawn in to discover what the ants want them to do. Gradually a world of meaning unfolds, illustrating the human desire for order by transforming any public space with wavering lines and patterns, crossing adult lines and disrupting the everyday. Perfect for kids ages 1-13, Ants is an enchanting investigation into the nature of work and children’s relationship with their environment.

Australia’s Polyglot Theatre is an internationally known leader in site-specific, interactive spectacle for children. Their artistic experiments encourage creative confidence and participation in a barrier-free spectacle. The children in Ants, in essence, control how the performance unfolds, using their authority and purpose to determine play. What results is the smallest humans taking the lead, becoming the actors, and transforming public space beautifully. Drifting from their parents, children invite onlooking adults to shift perceptions about capability and the beauty of exploring “work” with focus, seriousness, and fun.

Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of experiential, interactive and installation theatre for children and families, encouraging kids to turn the simplest things into extraordinary creations. Inspired by the artwork, play and ideas of children, Polyglot creates imagined worlds where audiences actively participate in performance through touch, play, and encounter. At Polyglot, theatre is child’s play.

Ants recently performed in Victoria, Sydney, and at the Darwin Festival; in Cleveland and Fayetteville, USA; in Sao Paulo and Singapore. It was originally commissioned by Federation Square, Melbourne.

Polyglot Theatre previously brought their messy, fun interactive weaving event Tangle to Top of the Park in 2011, which was enjoyed by thousands of children over 11 performances.

This event was made possible with the support of the The A2SF Imagination Fund Families. 

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