October Babies

Friday, June 16 @ 8:30pm Rackham Stage

Make some eclectic noise for Ypsilanti’s fusion forward October Babies. A long-time festival favorite, composer Erik Santos and singer Toko Shiiki and their band delight with songs that are a hybrid of funk, jazz, R&B, reggae/ska/dub, techno, Latin, drum & bass, rock, surf-punk, hip-hop, down-tempo, orchestra pop, and blues, to name a few. Although their lyrics are predominantly in Japanese, their bright and energetic spirit is not lost in translation, and they many fans in both Michigan, where Toko Shiiki won a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding World Music vocalist, and Japan, where they’ve won several big competitions and are very popular. In 2014 they released an unplugged album, Untangle.



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