Nique Love Rhodes & the NLR Experience

Saturday, June 29 @ 8:30pm
Rackham Stage

The NLR Experience provides a high energy live show that they say “fuses hip-hop music with jazz and rock to provide positive vibes, elevate social consciousness, and set souls on fire.” Frontwoman and MC Nique Love Rhodes is a tour de force who will move you with her confident rap delivery and spoken word full of messages of hope, unity, spirituality, and calls to action for social change. An activist in Detroit who uses her artistry and education to advocate at the intersection of hip hop, social justice, and feminism, she was recognized by the State of Michigan as “Youth Mentor of the Year” in 2015. As early as age 14, Rhodes committed to creating an alternative to mainstream hip hop messaging about violence, drugs, misogyny, and braggadocio. She says she would always get a thrill shocking people when she rocked the crowd with her commanding, in-the-pocket flow while addressing socially relevant and positive themes. It is this grit and independent spirit that has shaped Nique Love Rhodes into the dynamic artist and performer that she is today. Backed by her full band, be inspired by songs from their debut Against All Odds.

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