Due to inclement weather, we are canceling today’s performance of Monique Ella Rose at West Willow Park.

Nique Love Rhodes and the NLR Experience

Saturday, July 2 at 7pm

Nique Love Rhodes and the NLR Experience bring the positive vibes of their jazz-infused hip-hop to A2SF this summer. The Detroit-based songwriter and performer blends hip-hop with funk, rock with jazz, and socially conscious lyrics with pop hooks and melodies to create a sound that elevates self-empowerment and universal love. Powerful singles like “Legacy (MOMba Mentality)” and “Black Girl Magic,” a commanding live album, and the full-length Against All Odds proves Rhodes is a tour de force. Moving audiences with her in-the-pocket flow, confident delivery, and messages of hope, unity, and spirituality, Rhodes uses her artistry to advocate at the intersection of hip-hop, social justice, and feminism. For her efforts, she was recognized by the State of Michigan as “Youth Mentor of the Year” in 2015. Further nodding at her passion for activism and social transformation, NLR stands not only for Nique Love Rhodes but also Next Level Revolution. In the band, Rhodes is accompanied by Carlton White on drums, Rod Gaston on bass, Trey Priest on guitar, and Barry Chambliss II on piano/keyboard. Together they create a high energy musical experience à la the Roots meets Rage Against the Machine meets N.E.R.D., with the goal to set souls on fire with inspiration.

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