Nina and The Buffalo Riders

Saturday, June 17 @ 7pm Rackham Stage

Psychedelic rock from this six-piece Detroit outfit features splashes of slide guitar and keys, and is grounded in the soulful vocals of lead singer Nina. With instrumentation reminiscent of early blues and classic rock from the likes of Big Brother and the Holding Co. and Jefferson Airplane, and with a sixties look to match, WHFR DJ Phil Maq commented, “In the sixties, they would have been referenced as a ‘tribal’ band because of their ‘hippie’ tendency. Nowadays, they just play good music and don’t have to worry about labels.” Having just formed the band three years ago, Nina and Co. have played several major festivals, including Arts, Beats, & Eats and The Metro Times Blowout. Last year they released their debut, self-titled EP.

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