Due to inclement weather, we are canceling today’s performance of Monique Ella Rose at West Willow Park.

Nadim Azzam

Saturday, June 25 at 7pm

A singer, rapper, and songwriter who makes his own beats and plays multiple instruments, Ann Arbor’s Nadim Azzam pairs passion with painfully honest self-reflection in his emotionally resonant music. Programmed drums, smooth keys, angular guitars, and lush synth pads combine to create a warm, sometimes surreal sonic environment, while melodic vocal hooks and bars waste no time getting straight to the heart of things. His latest single is “Night Walk,” a sophisticated track of chill vibes and open-hearted honesty. With music for the deep-thinkers, over-drinkers, and other sensitive souls, Azzam faces his own struggles head-on in hopes of offering a sense of solace to anyone else walking through similar valleys. Come see his graceful lyrical flow and heartfelt live performance for yourself at A2SF this summer.

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