Saturday, June 30 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

To move beyond the study and practice of classical forms and undertake ambitious interdisciplinary creativity and composition as a group effort. This is what the five musicians of Lushh have pursued while in the music program at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. These young mens’ non-genre specific original compositions of fusion jazz and experimental music have been presented on campus, at intimate shows, and successfully paired with other art forms in cross-over spaces. In November 2017, after a year of planning, Lushh staged a full-scale live recording project with lighting design, projection, and live painting to go along with their concert. In 2017, selected by their professors, WMU’s Downbeat Magazine recognized them as the best blues/pop/rock/group. They have released a handful of recordings, including Nebulushh and Insight Unsought, and make their début at the festival tonight.

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