Lunar Octet

Tuesday, June 27 @ 8pm Rackham Stage

The Bicentennial celebration at Top of the Park continues with a legendary Ann Arbor jazz project featuring many alums of the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble and School of Music. The Lunar Octet played just about every room in Ann Arbor in the 80’s and 90’s, as well as Top of the Park, with a revolving line-up of over 25 musicians. Their highly original and eclectic music draws on jazz, Cuban and Puerto Rican salsa, rock, African highlife music, and Brazilian sambas, forging a vital new sound enriched by these traditions. Most of their music consists of original compositions involving rich arrangements and strong focus on solo improvisations. Since its debut in February 1984, the band has carried its high-energy message to dancers and listeners at many festivals, including Detroit Jazz Festival (five times), the Flint Jazz Festival, the Columbus Arts Festival, and the Lancaster Festival. They joins us tonight for a special reunion.

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