Lizzie No

Saturday, July 6 @ 6pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

After her first album, Hard Won, came out in 2017, African American singer songwriter, concert harpist, and guitarist Lizzie No told NPR that, at first she didn’t really know if there was a place for her within the American folk genre. She has since carved out a unique niche and is being praised as one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary folk music. Featuring poetic lyrics of witness and turns of vulnerability and prowess, several songs off Hard Won have been featured on Spotify’s Acoustic Love, So Far Sounds, Fresh Folk, and Roots of Change playlists. She won the American Songwriter Lyrics Contest, was a finalist in the New England Indie Rock Competition, and is a frequent musical guest of The Moth. Lizzie No and her band are based in Brooklyn, New York.

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