Learning Center (Virtual): Washtenaw County Master Composters

Thursday, June 25 @ 6pm

NOTE: This is a virtual, streamed event.

Composting is easy, rewarding, and creates a soil amendment to support healthy plants and soil. Such an amendment begins by mixing 66% dried leaf and plant materials (or high-carbon materials) and 33% vegetative food scraps (or high-nitrogen materials). Then add a shovel of healthy soil as well as enough water until the mixture feels as damp as a wrung-out sponge. Lisa Perschke, an Advanced Master Gardener and Advanced Master Composter will show you how easy it is to set up your own 5-gallon compost bucket.

Items that you will need to assemble before class are:

  • Empty chemical-free (have not held toxics) 5-gallon bucket with lid and
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Dried leaves and plant matter
  • Veggie and fruit scraps
  • Egg shells
  • Handfuls of grass clippings
  • Shredded paper
  • Sharp scissors
  • Full shovel of healthy soil from a garden

Change can only occur with strong education and great community partners. The Festival Footprint Learning Center will offer engaging activities to empower the community to integrate the Festival Footprint ideas into their daily lives.

The Festival Footprint Learning Center is sponsored by Toyota as part of our zero waste initiative.

Sessions will be broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday sessions can also be found on CTN public access television (channel 17 for Comcast and channel 99 for AT&T).

You can also stream it online here.

Website: https://www.washtenaw.org/355/Master-Composter-Class

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