KidZone: Stone School Cooperative Preschool

Make Some Music!

Saturday, June 23 @ 5pm
KidZone Tent

Join volunteers from Stone School Cooperative Preschool to make different kinds of musical instruments including shakers and maracas. Stone School Cooperative Preschool will provide all the materials and instruction for kids preschool age and older.

An interactive area for our youngest festival-goers, the KidZone tent provides a fun and safe area for children and their parents to discover and explore a wide variety of hands-on activities with different community partners. From learning karate, creating homemade instruments, or meeting prehistoric critters, KidZone offers different nightly activities for families at Top of the Park.

Led by community partners, all sessions are free, and take place from 5 to 8 pm every Tuesday through Sunday at the KidZone tent at Top of the Park.


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