KidsRock: Michael and the Rockness Monsters

Sunday, June 16 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

Like a 3-year-old likes her tutu, the Rockness Monsters like to get silly. Bring the whole family this Sunday for an action-packed rock experience starring the affable award-winning music educator Michael Napolitano and his funny, catchy songs. Tales of a fish named dog, a party train, and pirate talking kids bounce along with imaginative lyrics, a bright horn section, and the Monsters’ boisterous guitar, bass, and drums. You won’t be surprised that Michael spent 10 years on the Blue Man Group’s Creative Team or that he runs a preschool of rock. He’s also put out 5 children’s albums, charted on Sirius XM, and is known around NYC as a kindie favorite at their many libraries. Like how a 4-year-old might pause for “It’s a squirrel fight!” and then pump his fists in the air, drop by for Michael and the Rockness Monsters’ really, really full-on rock’n’roll.

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