KidsRock: Falu’s Bazaar

Sunday, June 30 @ 7pm
Rackham Stage

This Sunday bring the whole family for an inspiring concert of children’s music from celebrated South Asian vocalist Falu (a.k.a. Falguni Shah) and her band from New York City. After 20 years recording trendsetting Hindi crossover pop in America, Falu is known for her ability to “seamlessly blend a signature modern inventive rock style with a formidable Indian-classical vocal talent.” (Carnegie Hall) Sharing songs from her Grammy-nominated children’s album, you can expect fun, danceable, and educational songs in Hindi and English exploring Indian culture for kids, including learning about spices, names, and shapes and sounds. Adults will be amazed by Falu’s Bazaar’s ragas, microtones, language of tabla, and ability to push the Jaipur musical tradition into modern territory. Kids will want to dance and sing with her!

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