Saturday, June 11 at 5:30pm | Grove Stage

Ann Arborite Kyler Wilkins brings his vocal looper project Ki5 back to A2SF this summer. After years spent arranging vocals and beatboxing for Michigan State University’s award-winning acapella group The State of Fifths, Wilkins discovered how a BOSS RC-505 Loop Station could help bring to life the harmonies and expressive percussion that lived in his head. Inspired by artists such as Reggie Watts, Bobby McFerrin, and Bon Iver, Ki5 delivers a cappella versions of familiar genres like R&B, pop, and soul, augmented with a little assistance from his loop station. His spirited style consists of capturing and stacking both sung and vocal percussion layers in real time. With his body as a percussive instrument and vivid lyrical touches from his fluid vocals, the resulting live performance is a buoyant and richly textured experience. Ki5 is hard at work on his first full-length studio album, set to be released this summer. 


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