Kaye Hoff

Tuesday, June 19 @ 6pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

Some of the brightest singer/songwriter territory in Ann Arbor belongs to thoughtful, perfect pitch teenagers. Huron High School senior Kaye Hoff’s compositions testify to her “opening her curious eyes” and declaring she must “work it, live it, and sing it out.” Inspired by Paul Simon, Sara Bareilles, and Billy Joel, she began writing songs as a child and then found her voice at The Neutral Zone, where she recorded her full-length EP The End of the World, backed by supportive peers. Hoff’s lovely alto transitions into warm high notes while she plays acoustic guitar. Humorous and honest original songs invite listeners into her poignant explorations of the world in and around her, though, tonight at TOP, she says, “I will throw in a few covers, but you can bet I’ll put my own twist on them!” A native of Fukuoka, Japan, and an Ann Arborite since she was 8, Hoff looks forward to putting out a second EP on Youth Owned Records before she graduates Huron and to studying musical theater in college. “Performing is very fun for me as a songwriter, especially with a good audience. Being able to write down my funny thoughts, or my worries, or just things that happen in my life and turn them into a song that can be performed and enjoyed by people is a very magical experience.” Welcome this Top of the Park début!

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