Katie Pederson

Sunday, June 16 @ 5pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

Young Ann Arbor pianist and singer songwriter Katie Pederson will sweep you into her melodies and impress with her lovely tone and country richness. Surrounded by melodies played on her grandfather’s Steinway and harmonies sung by her mom, Pederson found a love for song at a very young age. Inspired by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, and Elton John, she began writing music in high school, combining raw, vulnerable lyricism with catchy melodies and pop-piano sounds. Throughout college she continued writing and performing, recently releasing the EP The Landing. Her song “Wildwood” was recorded and featured on the Butler Artists sampler in 2012. In 2018, she was selected among 19,000 submissions as a finalist for the Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition. Asked her biggest hope for her bright future and she responded: “That the honesty in her writing encourages listeners to reflect on how to move forward with grace for themselves and others amidst life’s peaks and valleys.”

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