Friday, June 14 @ 8:45pm
Rackham Stage

Minimalist set-up, maximal force: Ypsilanti’s JUNGLEFOWL raise a mighty ruckus despite being just a duo. In an act that will remind you of the straightforwardness of The White Stripes with the fullness of The Raconteurs, Melissa Copolla’s sweetly-toned vocals and aerobic drum kicks merge with Stefan Carr’s fuzzed out post-punk guitar. The result is a pleasing, danceable amalgam influenced by “art-pop, the indie-rock avant-garde, post-punk, neo-folk and a bit of straight-up sludgy psychedelia.” Their fun to watch chemistry is part of the next generation of Detroit indie music. Catch this band on their rise and experience a cool twist on high brow garage punk.

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