Joe Wachter

Saturday, June 25 at 5pm | O&W Grove Stage

Joe Wachter plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar and ukulele, with a focus on complex arrangements that distill the sound of an entire band down to six, or sometimes four, strings. His performances draw from diverse genres: jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, classical music, and even metal. Wachter often uses extended techniques such as looping and playing percussion on the guitar’s body to further fill out his sound. Growing up in a musical family in Holland, MI (his brother is composer/lyricist Adam Wachter), Joe picked up the guitar at age 12 and has never stopped studying, even while earning degrees in chemistry. While attending U-M, Wachter studied guitar with David Baise and while at MSU, he studied jazz with the internationally renowned Detroit bassist, Prof. Rodney Whitaker. Now based in Chicago, Wachter works as a chemistry professor and plays guitar for the Buffalo Grove Jazz Band. Come see what he’s cooked up in the sonic lab at A2SF debut this summer!

This event is free and takes place at Top of the Park located at 915 E. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Get directions and parking details here.

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