Emily Slomovits and Billy King

Wednesday, June 26 @ 6pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

It doesn’t get much more delightfully Ann Arbor ground zero than growing up on Frog Holler Farm or being the daughter of Gemini. The wonderful acoustic folk rock duo of Billy King and Emily Slomovits pairs King’s lightness, dynamism, and sincerity as a songwriter and performer with Slomovits’ outstanding fiddle and vocal work. Both musicians have been playing live since their teens. King co-created Holler Fest and has been a staple on the local folk scene for two decades. Slomovits is frequently recognized for her artistry with San, Emily, and Jacob. They just recently united as a live duo. Be swept away by their harmonies and pulled in by deft banjo and violin. Billy King writes, “This is original music from an original life, fully accomplished yet humble, and most of all, real.”

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