Eliza Thorp

Thursday, June 20 @ 5pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

This past April the young singer songwriter Eliza Thorp released Queen of the Sea, a collection she calls “songs that hold so much meaning to me as I’ve shifted and grown with them. Stories of my youth, the woods in my backyard and the many adventures outside with the family dog, Mia, are what set the soundscape on this album.” It’s a reflection of her life in Northern Michigan and is beautifully composed on piano. Her passionate, bittersweet, and earnest vocals recall early Regina Spektor, and suggest a serious composer studied up on Diana Krall and Carole King. Thorp recently took her intimate show to a few spring dates in Colorado and Wyoming, and now joins the festival from her hometown, Petoskey. Relax and let her “take you on your own journey to rediscover the beautiful world just outside your door.”

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