Diane Coffee

Friday, July 5 @ 10:15pm
Rackham Stage

The ever-evolving spectacle that is Diane Coffee—the gender and genre-bending alter ego of Shaun Fleming—arrives at TOP for a swan dive into a lush, digital glam wonderland. Visionary, playful, and a force, it’s a spectacle unlike any you’ve seen. Fleming’s campy artistry bridges psychedelic soul funk and pleasing electronic synth pop. A total chameleon, his path to stardom traces back to childhood days working as a Disney voice actor, then a semi-pro skateboarder and drummer for standouts Foxygen. But for the past six years he has explored the depths of his identity and channeled it outward in the brilliant forms of the enigmatic and exuberant Diane Coffee. In 2018, after performing as King Herod in the Lyric Opera’s celebrated Jesus Christ Superstar, he emerged from the studio with Internet Arms. Born from the uncertainty of a future dependent on and poisoned by technology, the album finds Diane Coffee trapped in a digital world. Facing this existential crisis, Fleming’s anxieties became his muse. “It’s a personal study on how I feel about living with constant blurred lines of the self and the projected self.” Unlike any other act on the season, don’t miss this nationally celebrated Polyvinyl artist in his festival debut.

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