David Zinn

Friday, June 14 @ 7pm
Top of the Park

Don’t be fooled by the June 14th as the only website event, as David Zinn will appear throughout the festival at Top of the Park!

Watch as Ann Arbor’s David Zinn creates original works of trompe l’oeil at various times on the streets and sidewalks around Top of the Park. Zinn’s chalk work began in 2001 as an excuse to linger outdoors, but has since achieved global notoriety through the sharing of photos on Facebook, Huffington Post UK, The Cheezburger Network, Street Art Utopia, and Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome. Be inspired by his ability to incorporate 3-D illusions into familiar scenery and have fun searching for his most frequent characters, Sluggo, a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits, Philomena, a phlegmatic flying pig, and many entertaining mice. His whimsical chalk drawings can be discovered and enjoyed for the duration of the festival.

David Zinn is a self-taught artist with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language from the Residential College of the University of Michigan. He has taught creative writing and scenic painting, performed in and directed several Gilbert & Sullivan operas, recorded audiobooks, and hosted two children’s radio shows (The Rug Rat Revue on WCBN-FM and The Mud Pie Cafe on Michigan Radio). David is also an avid whistler, a haphazard ukulele player, and a dutiful shirker.

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