Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective

Thursday, July 4 @ 5pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

Tonight in The Grove festivalgoers will gather around an experiment in merrimaking. Ann Arbor’s Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective is a collective that shares instruments, knowledge, kindness, and talent across generations. It’s an open community of musicians playing at all levels and abilities, teaching each other, promoting well-being, and furthering the imagination of our individual and collective possibilities. Ukes? Well, it’s more like 30 different instruments. Plasticity? Yes! Music cuts across diverse cognitive capabilities and resources, including numeracy, language, and space perception. Cognitive systems also underlie musical performance and sensibilities; keeping the brain plastic. The Collective believes that by sharing music and taking a chance on learning how to play a new instrument, you can: “Drop a brain bomb. Fire up the synapses. Rewire some neural pathways.” Anyone can join. And all are encouraged to dance along in The Grove.

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