At the Illusionist’s Table

Friday, June 29 @ 6:30pm
The Ann Arbor Club

 Tickets $200

The Ann Arbor Club is located at 103 E. Liberty, 3rd Floor, Suite #300

After sell-out runs in Manhattan and London, a sensational, immersive theater experience comes to Ann Arbor in a festival anniversary exclusive. Hosted by the world-renowned Scottish mentalist and storyteller Scott Silven, twenty-two strangers will share an elegant candlelit 3-course meal as mesmerizing illusions complement everything from the cocktails to the dessert course. His enchanting tales from a childhood in Scotland’s Ochil Hills pair with hushed astonishment as one twist braids into another. It’s an unforgettably exquisite sensory experience combining sophisticated fare, libations, intimate conversation, and wonder that “transcends art and performance” (The Evening Times). Discover why there is a celebrity following for this smart, sophisticated engagement that had The New York Times exclaiming “Wow. Wow. Wow.”

From the intimate table to the most prestigious stages around the world, Silven’s objectives remain absolute: to orchestrate an awe-inspiring experience, to reveal the mysterious side of human nature, and, ultimately, to lead you to a place that suggests untold possibilities, a place that challenges perceptions. The result is a performance that authentically connects an audience. “It’s always been about transcending just the magic, about it being something deeper. All illusion is metaphor in some way,” said Silven. The reviewer for People Magazine agrees: “And, perhaps, the intimate nature of our collective experience was the most surprising treat of all.”

Hailed by Vogue as a “world-renowned mentalist,” “debonair” by The New Yorker, and “truly astonishing” by The Daily Beast, Scott Silven, 29, is a modern-day marvel like no other. As an acclaimed performance artist who began by studying hypnosis at age 15, he pushes the boundaries of his craft by creating stylish, clever, and uniquely immersive performances that invite audiences to look at the world, and themselves, in an extraordinary way.

Scott Silven Artist Website

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