Annex (Virtual): Printmaking Workshop

Thursday, June 18 @ 6pm

This workshop will give a basic introduction to screen printing. Screen printing refers to a technique where images are printed onto any surface through a mesh screen which has an image or pattern on it. First, participants make a pencil drawing on paper, which we will trace onto the screens. In this technique we will use screen filler (as a drawing medium) to mark the image directly on the screen. The image can be drawn with a fine brush. Once the screen filler is dried properly we can start the process of printing. In the next stage, ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee with the screen frame centered over the printing paper. This transfers the image to the printing surface.

Supply list:

2. Speedball Art Products Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8 Fl. oz, Black 8 Fl Oz (Any two colors).
3. Fine smooth paper (12 x 9 Inch) or sketch book, Pencil etc

This class will be taught by Sajeev Visweswaran.

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