Wednesday, June 13 @ 6pm
The O&W Acoustic Stage

The bluegrass Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson create comes at you in waves. Witnessing these two Chicogoans sing and play banjo and acoustic guitar, open to one another, hearts on their sleeves, is like watching a perfect circuit light up. Together these classic troubadours’ voices lay down a solid base and tone, funneling you into succinct chorus melodies that build into a crescendo of rich and powerful harmonies. The end result of each song is satisfying and expressive, weaving together themes of love, fear, hope, and loss. They say each song’s purpose is to mark a moment in time, and give the listener a glimpse into the lives of these prolific songwriters, who met doing their work as animal and human rights activists. Their first album, Standing at the Precipice, was quick chemistry, with 13 songs penned in one month and a recording catalyzed by a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s a vulnerable look at times, though for the most part the music resolves itself to the basic emotions of hope and love, and let’s you know that no matter how low things get, there is a lift coming soon. A must-see acoustic duo.

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