Wednesday, July 3 @ 8:15pm
Top of the Park

Inventing what has become “the soundtrack for Arab youth” (Vice), ambassadors of Arabic youth culture 47Soul bring Shamstep’s explosion of high-energy, politically conscious dance music to TOP. Shamstep is a fusion of electro hip hop, dubstep, Dabke dance steps, and historic sounds of the Bilad al-Sham region. This is party music layered with a heartfelt exploration of belonging. Modern synthesizers, keyboards, and guitars are met by traditional Arabic instrumentation—darbuka, mijwiz, arghul—English rap, and beautiful Arabic chanting. Formed in Jordan in 2013 by four members from Jordan and Palestine who are now based in London, 47Soul’s Shamstep has been packing nightclubs and public squares all over the world, as well as taking them to Celebrate Brooklyn! and SXSW. On Balfron Promise they confidently announce a message of positivity: “Shamstep Music is about crossing and knocking down borders.” Come for one of the most exciting and surprising acts on the season.

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