Updated 6/28: Due to technical difficulties, Octopus Teacher will be replaced by Avengers: Endgame.

A2SF Alerts

Updated 6/28: Due to technical difficulties, the movie Octopus Teacher will be replaced by Avengers: Endgame.


Updated 6/26: Today’s Retreat event, Bombay Jam, is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances and will be replaced with Crossfit with Fit2Live.


Updated 6/25: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jill Govan will not be performing on the O&W Grove Stage at 6PM. The slot will instead be filled by Syd Burnham.


UPDATED 6/17: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the The Annex evening on June 30, Returning Somewhere New—An Evening of Poetry, event has been canceled for the 2022 season.



6/15 UPDATE: Due to the excessive heat warning in Washtenaw County, the A2SF schedule will be slightly modified this evening: the 5:00PM Retreat event has been canceled, and the 5:45PM circus performance by Jonathan Rinny has been moved to 6:45PM. Circus events and concerts on the Rackham Stage will run 10-20 minutes behind and all other events will go on as scheduled.

Please join us at Top of the Park – there’s plenty of shade onsite. Free cups of ice chips are available at each beverage station, as well as the two A2H20 stations to fill your water bottles. We want to help you stay hydrated and safe!



UPDATED 6/14: Retreat classes happening 6/14-6/16 have been moved to the lawn south of the Alumni Center while poison ivy is being treated. For guidance, please visit our Information Tent at Top of the Park.



UPDATED 6/12: The Annex event, Telescopes with the Detroit Observatory, will be moved to Friday 6/17 due to the projection of overcasts skies on 6/12 that will impact visibility.