Thank You 2021 Season Donors

We extend our sincere gratitude to the individuals, families, and foundations who have helped to sustain the mission of A2SF. This list reflects donors whose gifts received between 2/1/2020 and 2/1/2021. Donor recognition on our website and in the program guide is provided for gifts of $50 or more during the A2SF season following the calendar year in which your gift was made. If your name was omitted or is appearing in error, we sincerely apologize. If you’d like to report changes or make corrections to our listing, please contact our development office at (734) 707-4961.


LUMINARY | $10,000+

Connie and Tom Kinnear
Meera and Sri
Molloy Foundation

VISIONARY | $5,000 – $9,999

Anne Cooper
Wendy and Ted Lawrence
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
Ann Meredith
The Serras Family

ADVOCATE | $2,500 – $4,999

Louise and Andrew Chang
Ann and Hal Davis
Dana Muir and Tracy Grogan
Bonnie Reece
Katie and Jeff Reece
Rosalie Edwards/Vibrant Ann Arbor Fund
Laurie and Tim Wadhams

LEADER | $1,000 – $2,499

Sue and Larry Adler
Elissa and Richard Benedek
Nancy Brennan and Bradley Cross
Jennifer and Larry Coates
Martha Darling and Gilbert S. Omenn
Karen and David Dickenson
Cynthia and Andrzej Dlugosz
Judy and Steve Dobson
Jillian Downey and Elph Morgan
Julie and Charles Ellis
Sandy and David Eyl
Shari and Dan Fisher
Marty Betts and Guillermo Flores
Betsy Foxman and Michael Boehnke
Judith and Paul Freedman
Patricia Garcia and Dennis Dahlmann
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Bonnie and Larry Hagerty
Colleen and Jim Hume
The Jensen Foundation
Francine Lafontaine and Robert Picard
Linda and John Larin
Betsy Mark
W. Harry Marsden
Fran and Irwin Martin
Narayan Family
Gloria and Rick O’Neill
Deborah Paul-McDonald and Kevin McDonald
Perry Pernicano
Krishna Rao
Annette and Peter Schork
Patricia and Joseph Settimi
Ines and Eric Storhok
Rick Taylor
Alicia Van Pelt
     In honor of Louis H. Michelon
Kit Wanty Lambert and Adam Lambert
Karen Yamada and Gary Dolce

ENTHUSIAST | $500 – $999

Carol Amster
Ellen and Gaard Arneson
Becky and Erik Bakker
Lois and David Baru
Lauren Benson Hamerink and John Hamerink
Alma Rosa and Karson Carpenter
Cindy and Tom Crawford
Lynette Findley
Maureen Foley and John Blankley
Karen and Al Gallup
Maureen and David Ginsburg
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Jane Hassinger and Marvin G. Parnes
Steven Fisher and Holly Hein
Brenda and Rob Kerr
Mary and Bill Kinley
Valerie Kivelson and Timothy Hofer
Deborah Ladenheim
Sue and Blake Lancaster
     In memory of Laura E. Lancaster
Jean A. Lawton and James H. Ellis
Judie and Jerry Lax
Anne and Harvey Leo
Jean and Jim Libs
Rachelle and Mike Michelon
Dr. Kristin and Paul Nickodemus
Betsy and Ken Nisbet
Fola Odetola
     In memory of Theophilus Odetola
Lisa and John Paul
Pelz Charitable Lead Trust
Bert Rossi
Ann and Tom Schriber
Ingrid and Cliff Sheldon
George and Nancy Sloan
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Jack Weidenbach

PATRON | $250 – $499

Suzan and Michael Alexander
Christie and John U. Bacon
Mary and Robert Baird
Christie and Tom Barrett
Lisa and Scott Belanger
Betsy and Steven Bloom
Susan Bloom
Nicole Brittis and Randall Sung
Anne and Deron Brod
Cecile Burbridge and Richard A. Bowerman
Jenny and James Carpenter
Pat and Paul Cousins
     In memory of Howard Cooper
Sheila and Ronald Cresswell
Amal and Gregory Dalack
Dave Daniszewski
The Klinich Family
Jill and David Esau
Rob Ewing
Tina and Dan Ezekiel
Nancy Firestone and Martin Forchheimer
Stephanie and Tim Freeth
Linda and Larry French
Beth German and Martin Garber
Lee Gorman and Mark Ritz
Sandra Gregerman
Deb and Eric Helber
Kay Holsinger and Douglas C. Wood
Barbara and Robert Hooberman
Kerin A. Jones
Barb and Lenny Kafka
Shira and Steven Klein
Laura and Jim Kosteva
Laura Kufman and Andrew Czapp
Michele Leshan and Steve Rubenstein
Betty and Dr. Len Lofstrom
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Martha McClatchey
Tracy and Y. Jamie Mistry
Renee Nilan
Richard K. Norton
Arthur S. Nusbaum
Susan and Mark Orringer
Dr. Lori Pierce and Tony Denton
Sue and Brad Pritts
Diana Raimi and John Dryden
Anuja Rajendra and Vijay Sankaran
Linda and Roger Rayle
Margaret Reid
Cathy and Scott Reisfield
Katherine and William Ribbens
Emily and John Salvette
Linda Samuelson and Joel Howell
Lucille and Jose Santiago
Maya Savarino
     In honor of Ann Schriber
Jeff Spindler
Jennifer Stoyenoff
     In memory of John Witter
Margaret Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Joanna Tarr Carter and Jim Carter
Stephanie Teasley and Thomas Finholt
Jane and Nigel Thompson
Vickie and Richard Van House
Colleen Vance and William Price
Marsha Volchoff
Deborah and Mike Weber
Jacki and David Weisman
Kathy White
I.W. Winsten
Tom Wolan
Karen Wood and Howard Cooper III
Lynne Wright and Marci Fishman

SUPPORTER | $100 – $249

Ruth Addis and Marj Schloff
Julie and Adam Agranoff
Debra Aidun
Becky and Rick Altschuler
Margaret and Rick Anderson
Sue and Mark Anderson
Lori and David Antonetti
Tim Athan
Laurie Baefsky and Joel Martin
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
Pat Bantle
Carol Bardenstein
Kathy Benton and Bob Brown
Joy Berent
Victoria Botek and William Edwards
Diana Bowman and Robert LaJeunesse
Christy Briggs and James Carter
Alan Brown
Ilene Calfin and Michael Jorissen
William Canning
The Cao Family
Ilene Carter
Betty and Bruce Chaffee
Roxanne and Kevin Chan
Lana and Fred Chang
Karen and Charlie Chapell
Anne Chase
Salli Christenson and Mike Gould
Shell and Don Cody
John Copley
Bette and Alan Cotzin
Christopher Couch
Jacqueline Courteau and Paul Graham
Marie and Chris Cregar
Ellie and Ed Davidson
Sharon and Dallas Dort
Robbi Duda and Larry Junck
Dorothy Ebersole and Bill Everin
Bradley Elrod
     In memory of Robert H. Elrod
Penny and Ken Fischer
     In honor of Louis Michelon
Sara and Michael Frank
Kris Freeark and Bob Zucker
Marcia and Leon Friedman
Nancy Frushour and Gary Stelzer
Osnat and Greg Gafni-Pappas
Virginia and John Gajar
Joyce and Steve Gerber
Tom Gibney
Martha and Larry Gray
Denise and Jack Green
Sean and Pooja Green
Sandra and Leo Greenstone
Linda and Mel Grieshaber
David Grossman
Sook Han
Jan and Dave Hartmann
     In Honor of Connie Kinnear
Laura Hayden
Gloria Helfand and Harvey Michaels
Debbie and Norman Herbert
     In honor of Marvin Parnes
Phyllis and David Herzig
Barbara and Dan Hoffman
Nancy Homburg
Bob Hopkins
Carol and Ken Hovey
Eisentrout-Howes Family
Connie Huber and Gordon White
Linda Hurst
Terry Hurst
The Jagsi-Pottow Family
Hellene Jakinovich
Ann Marie and Erich Jensen
Helen and Noah Kaplan
Barbara and David Kay
Paul Kazanjian
Sally Kennedy
Chelle Kilmury and Carl Abrego
Ed Kimball
Cathy and Robert Klomparens
Eileen and David Knesper
Carol Knight-Drain and Scott Drain
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
     In honor of Julie and Charles Ellis
Elaine and Mark Kopka
Robert Krasny
Janet Kreger
Josie and Brian Kuehn
Judith and Robert Kullberg
     In memory of Dr. Samuel J. Eldersveld
Theresa and Scott Lempka
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Lisa and Hannan Lis
Katherine and Terence Loh
Barbara Lott
Diane and Stephen Luongo
Shirley Lurtsema
Diane Lusk
Anne Lyke and Mark Fitzgerald
Kris and Scott Maly
Carolyn and Michael Manz
Kathy Marx
Carolyn and Paul McCarthy
Brian McClemens
William and Gitanjli McRoy
Laura Meisler
     In memory of Richard Meisler
Deborah Meizlish and Joshua Botkin
Bonnie Metzger and Barbara Therrien
Maureen Michael and Roger Dean De Roo
Gayle and Michael Michelon
     In honor of Louis Hale Michelon
Brian Mielewski
Susan and David Milne
Kathy and Bert Moberg
Robert Mowry
Chris Mueller
Shari Mueller
Tammie Nahra and Lee Hollander
Sharon and Chuck Newman
Nancy Niemela and Orest Mykolenko
Beverly Ostrowiecki and Raymond Siciak
Beth and Todd Pascoe
Martine Perreault and Tim Chupp and Family
Barbara Petoskey and James Salay
Jamie Phillips
Mary Ann and Robert Pierce
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Jinny and Jonathan Potter
Beth and Lou Quillen
Gretel Quitmeyer
Michael Reed and Tyler Sickel
Natalie Robbins
Ricardo Rodriguiz
Suzy and Jim Royce
Mary Lou and Steve Rudner
Marge and Glen Rutila
Norma and Dick Sarns
Uma Savanoor
Erich S. Schifter
Ann Schluederberg
Suzanne Schluederberg and John Lesko, Jr.
Amy Seetoo and Stuart Baggaley
     In honor of Da-Hong Seetoo
Janet Shatusky
Jean and Thomas Shope
Cheryl Sibilsky
Daniel Silkworth
Margret and Michael Singer
Donna and Stuart Snyder
Joyce Song
Jan Sovak and Ron Emaus
Heather Steenrod
Linda Stem
The Stoffel Family
Susan and Matt Stoney
Cynthia Straub
Sandy Talbott and Mark Lindley
Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam and Michael Quilliam
     In memory of James Reece
Babette and Randy Ten Haken
Cathi and Reid Thebault
Madeline and Steve Thiry
     In honor of Jim Thiry
Bette M. Thompson
Nancy and Michael Thoresen
Linda Tubbs
Kay Tuttle and Gordon Larsen
Suzanne and Joe Upton
Leticia Valdez and Thomas Atkins
Cam Vozar
Allison Wachter and Justin Sweet
Robin Wagner and Sharon Haar
Mary and Thomas Wakefield
Sheridan Warden
Sherry and Eric Warden
Margaret Warrick
Richard Weber
Lisa and James Weidenbach
Lois Weisman
Stefani and Steven Weiss
Jan and Ron Weston
Julie Wheaton
     In memory of Jim Wheaton
Christa and John Williams
Mark Wine
Isabelle Winer
Noel and Chris Winkler
Charlotte Wolfe
Pam and Bill Wood
Bethany Yanke
Linda Yohn and William Labedzki
Kathy York and Scott Masten
Martha and Eric Young
     In memory of Dr. Philip M. Margolis

FAN | $50 – $99

Mark Ackerman
Daniel Allen
Suzanne Balliet
Kerstin Barndt
Jeffrey Basch
Christina Bellows and Joe Alberts
Terese and Corey Bertcher
Martha Bianchi
Sarai Brachman Shoup and David Shoup
Candace and Eric Bramson
Pamela Briegel
Amber Buist
     In honor of Linda Buist
Lorin Burgess
Susan and David Burke
Stephanie Buttrey and Andy Overmire
Mike Cansfield
     In honor of Laura and Brad Whitridge
Kathi and Rick Cohen
Heather Cooper
Karen Crawford and Bill Welch
Lori Davis and Matthew Linke
Dianne Delatorre
Amanda and Walter Dempsey
     In honor of Louis Michelon
Heidi and John Dodson
Marcy Donelson
Robert Donnellan
Joyce and James Driscoll
Ann Epstein
Johanna Epstein
James Fields
Jennifer Fike and Jon Cioffi
Erica Fitzgerald and Peter Treiber
Ruth Forrest
Heather Glidden
Hanna and Peter Goodstein
Mary Sue Grant
Stephanie Gray
Rebecca Groeb
Kat Hagedorn and Jim Ottaviani
Steven Hewlett
Matthew Hill
Kathy and Gary Huffnagle
Janette Hyde
Barbara Israel and Richard Pipan
Jennifer Jones
Michelle and Michael Kaucheck
Barbara Lamar and Terry Adams
Kari and Matt Landry
Elise Luddy
Clarke Macy
Jacquelyn Macy
Mary M. Matthews
Michael McIntyre
Lisa and Mike Monahan
James Monnett
Benjamin Taub and Jane Monto
Suzanne Mrozinski
Marie and Daniel Neaton
Kritika Rajan
Ellen Rambo and Steve Markel
Brenna Reichman
Janelle Reichman
Brian Reynolds
Jennifer Rosenberg
Kwesi Rutledge
Marianne Rzepka
Raleigh and Chris Sadlier
Lisa and Howard Saulles
Sara Saylor
Rena Seltzer and Pam Shore
Carol and Patrick Sherry
Dawn and Gordon Shewach
Kevin Siasoco
     In memory of Amira Toma
Georgiana Siehl
Megann and Will Smith
Ted St. Antoine
Hamed Suffety, Jr.
Ann E. Swinford
Donna Tal
Doug and Elizabeth Tidd
Janet and Randall Torno
Barbara and John Tucker
Tom Hams and Gail Upson
Katelyn Videto
Teresa and George Voegeli
Jessica Von Hertsenberg
Marty Walker and Mark Hauptschein
Sarah and Dr. Edward Walton
Susan and Doug Weber
Lynn and John White
Jane and Brian Wilson
The Wood Family
Wendy Zellers