Roaming Zebras

Tuesday, June 13 @ 8:30pm North Ingalls Mall

Tuesday, June 13 @ 8:30 PM
Wednesday, June 14 @ 8:30 PM

Are you sick of things looking a little grey? Feel like getting some sharp contrast in your life? Befriend a Born in a Taxi roaming zebra at Top of the Park and see things in absolute black and white. Prancing, grazing, tap dancing, singing, or just lounging on a lap—these irreverent and remarkable creatures love to show their stripes and horse around with festivalgoers, bringing them into the herd for some unexpected fun.

Australian urban intervention specialists Born in a Taxi create interactive spectacles that bring bystanders together for moments of communal laughter, social connectivity, and flashes of creativity. They specialize in street theatre that embraces co-creation, physical theater, and improv.

This event is made possible with support from Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the A2SF Imagination Fund Families who include; The Belden Family, Emily and Rich Belanger, Cindy and John Nixon, Fran and Irwin Martin, and Eileen and Ron Weiser.


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