Retreat: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

w/ Ita Yoga Studio

Thursday, June 15 @ 5pm Power Center Lawn

A series of mind-body sessions at Top of the Park, this alternative happy hour lets you enjoy a relaxing late afternoon workout with classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, World Dance, Capoeira, and Hula Hooping.

Led by experienced practitioners, all sessions are free, and take place from 5 to 6 pm every Tuesday through Sunday on the Power Center Lawn.

In this guided Vinyasa practice, the instructor leads you the entire class. You are never left to flow on your own. You will be taken through sequences of intermediate to advanced postures that are linked to the rhythm of the breath. The sequence of postures is repeated throughout the practice to connect mind, breath, and movement. Be prepared to sweat, let loose, and enjoy yourself!

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