Retreat: Karate, The Beauty of Traditional Movement

w/ Japanese Martial Arts Center

Wednesday, June 14 @ 5pm Power Center Lawn

A series of mind-body sessions at Top of the Park, this alternative happy hour lets you enjoy a relaxing late afternoon workout with classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, World Dance, Capoeira, and Hula Hooping.

Led by experienced practitioners, all sessions are free, and take place from 5 to 6 pm every Tuesday through Sunday on the Power Center Lawn.

The art of karate-do (“way of the empty hand”) teaches strength, form, focus, and helps develop a calm, orderly mind. Join the instructors and students of the Japanese Martial Arts Center to learn a kata (“form”) that helps build the foundation for all our skills. You’ll learn to step with power and balance, to block and punch, to breath appropriately, and be able to put it all together into something you can practice on your own.


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