Nightlife Arcade

Friday, June 16 @ 6pm The Annex

Connect with Ann Arbor’s community of talented professionals over drinks and classic video games. Attendees are welcome to over a dozen free-play game stations. Revisit classics like Mario Kart or jump into cutting-edge Virtual Reality. Nightlife is known for organizing a just-for-fun gaming competitions for other local organizations.
Nightlife Arcade’s mission is to connect talented professionals with opportunities to engage our community in a meaningful way. Besides playing some awesome games, we will also be spotlighting volunteer opportunities at deserving schools, hospitals, and non-profits in our local community. Get connected with teaching gigs, mentorship opportunities, or a chance to leverage your technical expertise for an important cause. Nightlife Arcade believes that cultivating relationships beyond our immediate environment builds empathy, grows as human beings, and positions us to create meaningful change in the world so come play games, meet people, and do some good.
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